A2: 3 RFQ of:
15 USSR K.B. Swing (HBD); 30 Seconds Rest
8-10 Diamond Push Up; 30 Seconds Rest
30 Seconds Double Unders Practice; 30 Seconds Rest
B: Deadlift (7 Minutes To A Challenging Triple)
This is not a max out. The emphasis of B is to warm up for C.
C:18/14/10 RFT of:
Deadlift (315/225#)
D.B. Front Squat (50/35#X2)
1K Ski (5/3)
In teams of 2/Only 1 Partner Working at a time/1 Bar, Pair of D.B., 1 Ski Erg per team/Scale as needed/Partition as needed/Score= Total Time

D: 5 RFT of:
30 Double Unders
250M Row (5/3)