B: 3 Rounds of:
60 Seconds Max Calories Air Bike
90 Seconds Max Rounds of: 5 WallBall (20#-10’/14#-9′)
15 Air Squat
In teams of 2/Partner A will complete max cal bike/Partner B will begin max cal as soon as A is off bike/Partner A will begin 90 second AMRAP as soon as Partner B has completed bike/Partner B will begin AMRAP as soon as A has completed 90 Seconds/Both partners will rest after each round/Score= total reps completed between both partners.
C: 15 Minute AMRAP of:
200M Run/Row/Ski (5/3) +
3 Thruster (95/65#)
6 T2B
9 Box Jump Over (24/20″)
In Teams of 2 /While partner A completes 200m (you choose modality, damper for Ski and Row 5/3), partner B will amrap/When Partner has completed 200m, they will switch/Continue accumulating rounds and reps in this fashion for 15 minutes/Score= total # of AMRAP