A2: 800M Indigenous Peoples Run (Time)
**14# M.B./Please ensure no one gets left behind

A3: The Cone Game
B1: 3-4 RFQ of:
3-5 Box Jump Over/
3-5 Burpees/
5-10 Calorie Ski
Build intensity each round with round 3 @ same pace as B2; Rest 2-3 Minutes before B2


B2:Partner WOD
Every 90 Seconds X 5 Rounds

90 Seconds Max Reps Box Jump Overs (24/20″)/
90 Seconds Max Reps Burpees/
90 Seconds Max Calorie Ski (8/5);
90 Seconds Rest

@90% Hardest Sustainable Pace

In Teams of 2/Accumulate as many reps as possible for each movement/Score= total reps completed in 5 rounds

C: OH Walking Lunge (5 X 50′ + Penalty Plank)
**45 Seconds Plank every time you break