A2:6 Minute AMRAP of:
30 Seconds Max Double Unders
3 Split Jerk
3 Shoulder Press
9 Bent Over Row
20 Seconds Active Hang
B: 1 BTN Jerk + 1 Jerk (12 Minutes To Max The Complex)

12 Minutes To a challenging single for the complex without pressing out; Rest as needed

C: Shoulder Press (12 Minutes To A Challenging Triple)
Build up @31X2; Rest as needed; Does not have to be a 3RM.
D:4 Rounds of:
8 Each Half Kneeling Bottoms Up K.B. Press @21X2 (HBD)
30 Seconds Max Reps Banded Face Pulls @31X3
30 Seconds Max Reps WallFacing Shoulder Taps
8 Each Alternating D.B. Plank Row @21X
*E: Ring Push Up (3 Sets of Max UB)
Rings set to 2-4″ off of the ground