8 Minutes of Shoulder/Hip Mobility (click on link for more detail)

A- WU- 3 Minute AMRAP @ 70% RPE of: 20 Banded Pull Apart/10 Calorie Row + 3 RNFT of: 5 D.B. Thruster (Light)/3 Strict Chin Up (Ring Row)/5 D.B. DeadLift

B- Thruster- 12-15 Minutes To A Challenging Triple + 3 Rounds of: 1 Thruster/3 Pull Up @ 75% RPE

Notes: Bar starts on the ground/The intent is to get a little weight on the bar not set a new 3rm (if you do set a 3rm congrats) and certainly not burn yourself out.

C- Fran- 21/15/9 RFT of: Thruster (95/65)/Pull Ups or 21/15/9 RFT of: Thruster (75/45)/Band Assisted Pull Up

Post your scores to the Whiteboard.

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  1. Marcos
    Marcos says:

    The love/hate relationship with “Fran”
    Here we go again.
    As many of you all know Fran is the 100 yard dash of Crossfit. It’s a the classic couplet burner meaning it should be done with little rest as possible. There should be no time for “water breaks”. This should be given full effort and scaled accordingly. Although this is a high intensity WOD, treat it with respect. There is no shame in scaling, EVER. You’ll have plenty of time for you to reach Rx. If you are new then you should aim for a sub 12 minute time. Regardless of whatever scaling options you choose.
    Also consider a strategy and STICK to it. It is very easy to get excited at the call of 3-2-1-GO and forget the plan. Split the rounds into 3 sets. So the round of 21 should be 7-7-7, the round of 15 into 5-5-5 and 9 would be 3-3-3.
    Make sure you record your time and scaling options when you’re done. It’ll be great way to measure your progress for the next time this bench mark arrive. Maybe you’ll use a heavier weight or even go Rx. Please log your times on the “white board” and share your experience on today’s blog. Have fun today KILL IT GUYS!

  2. Dariel
    Dariel says:

    Attention wodapalooza athletes. Copy and pasted from the wodapalooza page
    Wod 1
    -Please note, all three snatches, as well as any additional overhead squats must be performed unbroken.
    -The bar may not touch the ground or the athlete’s shoulders prior to the conclusion of their set.
    -Any style of snatch will be accepted, including a power, squat, and split snatch.

  3. Annedroid
    Annedroid says:

    Didn’t do Fran today- had to get Wodapalooza in.
    Snatch complex- 80#, 3 OHS
    (I was aiming for 80. Maybe could have done 85, but happy with 80. And haven’t done any OHS in months, so ok with 3 of those.)
    WOD2- 186 reps. Not super happy with that.

    50 ring dips, 50 weighted GHD hip ext (25#)
    3rnft 50 DU, 500m row


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