A2: 6 Minute AMRAP of:
30 Double Unders
10 Ring Row
8 Pike Push Up
20 Seconds Plank
20 Seconds Active Hang
B: CGBP (close grip bench press) (5/5/5/5@80%)
C1: Bent Over Row (12/10/8/6)
**Use an Axle (25#)
Superset with C2
C2: Weighted Dip (4 Sets of Max UB)
Max or sets accross

**Hold 20/10# SlamBall between knees

D: 5 Rounds of:
8 Double K.B. Push Press @11X2 (HAP)
8 Each Single Arm Ring Row @21X2
8 Each Alternating D.B. Bench Press @21X2
10 Each Alternating D.B. Plank Row @21X2
*E: 2K Ski For Time