A: 2K Partner Row

In teams of 2/Switching every 200M/Score=Total time

B: Partner WOD
21/15/9 RFT of:
USA K.B. Swing (24/16Kg)
BJO (24/20″)

Teams of 2/Only 1 Working at a time/Partner a will begin with 21 swings/Once they are done, partners will switch/After b has completed swings, partner a will begin sit ups/Once a has finished 21 sit ups, partner b will begin sit ups/continue in this fashion until both partners have completed 21/15/9 Reps each/score= total time
C – Partner WOD
3 RFT:
15 OHS (95/65#)
15 Shoulder To OH
15 Burpees
30 DeadLift
30 Ab Mat Sit Up