50 Goblet Squats for time (1.5/1 pood)

PVC Dislocate/Shoulder Mobility

K.B. Press– 5/5/5/3/3/3

5 RFT of: 15 DeadLift (135/95)/10 Toes To Bar

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  1. Head Coach
    Head Coach says:

    Warm Up-1k’ jog
    50 Goblet Squats @24kg=1:26
    K.B. Press-5@16kg/20/20+3@24kg(1strict on Left +2PushPress/2 strict on right +1 Push Press)/24 (All Strict)/32KG all Push Press
    5RFT of 15 DeadLift @135/10 Toes To Bar=5:35

  2. Jason J
    Jason J says:

    50 Goblet Squats @24kg 2:20 something

    KB Press–(Strict 5@12/16 3@20kg) (Push Press – 3@24/24/24 1@32kg)

    5RFT–15 deadlifts@95/10 toes to bar

    20 burpees/10 deadhang pullups
    3rds + 17 burpees

    50 GHD situps
    3 and change

    Great class!!
    Today’s words of wisdom “Don’t lend money to your friends if you want to keep them as friends, don’t gamble, and don’t ride a motorcycle” 🙂 haha

  3. cahill
    cahill says:

    50 goblet squats @ 24Kg bell = 1:37
    KB press 5 @ 16kg/ 5@ 20kg/ 5 @24 kg 3 @ 28 kg all strict, last 2 sets of 3 were push press @ 32 kg
    5 rft 15 deads at 95lbs /10 toes to bar 8:44
    10 minute AMRAP 20 burpees / 10 pull ups ( assisted ) 3 rounds and 10 burpees

  4. coachcanadan
    coachcanadan says:

    Fun one today.
    Goblet squats w/ 1.5 pood: 1:58. Was hoping for about 20 seconds slower, but I was just beat from the past two days.

    5@12kg, 16kg, 20kg
    3@24kg(push press)
    3@32kg(push press, unbroken each arm)

    5 RFT: 7:20 or something close. Forgot to copy down my time again. Duh.

    Then I did a squat tabata with our newest member, John.
    I hit 158, which is a new PR for me, by five squats. Tomorrow is a rest day. Thank goodness.

    Coach Dan

  5. aaron
    aaron says:

    50 goblet squats 55#kb 2:45

    presses 40#db 5-5-5 single arm alternating 55#kb 3-3-3 right arm was fine needed to cheat and do a bit of a push press for all of the lefts. did the workout at home and was limited on the weights.

    5rft 15 deadlift at 135# 10 toes to bars. 10:03

  6. Tammyli
    Tammyli says:

    OMG what a WOD!! I love your Programming Coach… I was ssore as hell going into this WOD but once I got started I didnt even remember my pain

    50 Goblet Squats: 2:39ish
    KB Press: 5/5/5 @ 8k Strict 3/3/3 12k Left 3 Push Press – Right Strict /12k Left 1 Strict 2 Press Right 3 Strict/ 12k Left 3 Push Press Right 3 Strict
    DeadLift: 5 RFT – 9:20 (1st 2 rounds @ 95lbs – 3 Rounds @ 75lbs)

    Had Fun, Marina Your one TOUGH Paleo Cookie!!

  7. Ryan Brown
    Ryan Brown says:

    50 goblet squats 53# 2:01
    Kb Press 5/5/5/3/3/3 35,35,44,44,53,53

    5RFT 15 Deadlift And 10Toes To Bar


    Paleo is working to the fullest feeling very strong and motivated in all aspects of life..See you Friday!


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