8 Minutes of Hip/Back/Ankle/Shoulder/Wrist Mobility

A-WU- 3 Rounds of: 400M Run; 1:1 Rest To Work Ratio

B- Partner WOD (4/11/15)= 4 RFT (2 Rounds Each) of: 500M Row/50 Double Unders/40 Air Squat/30 AbMat Sit Up or Partner WOD 4/11/15= 6 RFT of: 500M Row/100 Single Unders/40 Air Squat/30 AbMat Sit Up   -20 Minute Cap

Notes: In Teams of 2 with only 1 Partner working at a time/Partners will complete 2 Rounds each; alternating 500M Row, then they will alternate completing 50 Double Unders (100 Singles), then 40 Air Squat, then 30 Sit Up/Score= total time to complete 6 rounds (3 each).

C- Partner WOD 2 (4/11/15)- 3 Rounds Each of: 1 Minute Max Reps Pistols (alternate legs)/1 Minute Max Reps K.B. Snatch (24/16kg) or 3 Rounds Each of: 1 Minute Max Reps Walking Lunges (alternate legs)/1 Minute Max Reps K.B. Snatch (16/8kg)

Notes: Partners will take turns completing 1 minute max reps pistols alternating legs/After Pistols partners will complete 1 minute max reps Kettlebell Snatch alternating arms/Score= total # of reps completed

Post your scores to the Whiteboard.



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  1. Coach TamBOT
    Coach TamBOT says:

    Hey Jack,

    Don’t forget to bring the sun when you come back from Miami!! looking forward to a nice weekend

    • Jack
      Jack says:

      Will do Coach!

      If the sun don’t come along with me, then i will need to come back here, I cant deal with crappy weather anymore…

      The only thing that I miss from NY is you guys, the boxes over here suck…


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