8 Minutes of Shoulder/Wrist/Back/Hip Mobility

A- WU- 200M Run @ 50-65% RPE + 90 Seconds Triple (Double) Under Practice; 1 Minute Rest + 200M M.B. Run (20/14#)

B- Death By: Thruster (95/65)   -15 Minute Cap

Notes: Against a continuously running clock/Perform 1 Thruster the first minute and 2 Thrusters the second minute/Continue in this fashion until no longer able to complete corresponding number of repetitions in time allotted.

C- Partner WOD 1 (5/29/15) = For Time: 1K Row/200 Ball Slam (20/15#)/1K Row

Notes: In teams of 2/with only 1 partner working at a time/Partner A will row 500m, then partner B will row 500M/When Partner B completes 500M, Partner A will begin Ball Slam/Partition Ball Slam as needed/once 200 Ball Slams have been completed, either Partner A or B will begin 500M row/Once completed the other Partner will complete the final 500M row/Score= total time/In the event there is an odd # of participants, or for those concerned about having a partner; this WOD can also be completed as an individual workout by cutting the distance and reps in half.

*D- Pendlay Row- 8 Minutes To A Heavy Triple + 3@95/90%

*= Complete as much as possible in time remaining.

Post your scores to the Whiteboard.

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  1. Smanik
    Smanik says:

    A) 200M Run/50 Double Unders/250M Row 
    B) Thruster 1rep – 175 (185 was so close…)
    C) Kalsu-ish = 100 Thruster (95) w/ 3 Burpees EMOM – 12:43 (I may have missed 5, kinda blacked out)
    D) Weighted Hip Extension 15/15/15 (45)
    E) xhausted


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