8 Minutes of Rack/Back/Hip/Wrist Mobility

A- WU- Team 2K Row

Notes: In Teams of 2/Only 1 athlete working at a time/Switch every 200M/Complete 2K afap/Score= Total time.

B- Partner WOD 1 (6/20/15)=  3 Rounds of: 20 Each- Front Squat (95/65)/Lateral Bar Burpees


Notes: In Teams of 2/Only 1 Athlete at a time/Alternate completing 20 Each Front Squat+LBB/Score= Total time to complete 3 Rounds each.

C- Partner WOD 2 (6/20/15)= 9 Minute AMRAP of: 200M Relay

Notes: For some extra cardio/Select team size/Only 1 athlete at a time/Score= total distance traveled.

Post your scores to the Whiteboard.

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  1. tambot
    tambot says:

    Iz tried these on at regionals and the sizes are way different than your used to.. He was a 28″w when normally hes a 30″ – check their return policy


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