8 Minutes of Back/Hip/Ankle Mobility

A- WU- Tabata- Double Unders

B- 2 Snatch Pull + Snatch– 15 Minutes Max Effort

C- Squat- 3/3/3 Max Effort (Tempo: 2/0/X/1-2/); 90 Seconds Rest Between Sets   – 12 Minute Cap

D- Jumping Squats– 2 Minutes Max Reps (135/95); 90 Seconds Rest + 2 Minutes Max Reps (95/65)

Notes: Scale- Weight and/or R.O.M and/or Rate of speed and/or # of reps as necessary.

*E- NFT- 3/3/3/3/3/3/3/3/3/3 GHD Glute Ham Curl + 3/3/3/3/3 each side Half TGU (HAP)

*= If Time Permits/Complete as much as possible

Post your scores to the Whiteboard.

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  1. Tammyli
    Tammyli says:

    And the count down continues.. only 4 days left at the 5th ave Box.

    Lets hang out, and have some FUN! Join us tonight at the Box to watch the CrossFit Games Events. BYOB and lets have agood time.

    • Katie M.
      Katie M. says:

      I missed the Triple 3 this afternoon because of work, but I will be at the box tonight! SHIT IS GETTING CRAZY.

  2. Tammyli
    Tammyli says:

    Started my day off with some heavy lifts

    Hang Power Clean + Hang Clean – 95lbs/115/125/135PR/135/135
    DeadLift 5/5/5 @ 185
    Over Head Squat with the Bamboo Bar 10/10/10/10/10 @ 16k


    Todays WOD @ 9am with Coach Dariel.

    Did good on my DU’s today. 236
    Snatch was fun – 35lbs/55lbs/65lbs/75lbs/85lbs/95FF
    Back Squat – 175lbs/155/155
    Jumps Squats 25 reps @ 95 & 30 reps @ 65lbs Rxed 🙂
    Minimal accessory work. Maybe later.

  3. Mike A.
    Mike A. says:

    Conjugate toasted my quads today.

    WU: 3 RNFT of 5 thruster (45#)/10 pushup/15 kbs (blue bell)

    Thruster: 15m to heavy single – 75/105/115/125/130F/130F – matched my old PR, but am deeply limited by both overhead mobility and overhead pressing strength. working on em.

    Front squat: 3 x max reps @ 55% – 15/15/12 used 105#, which is about right. could/should have pushed for more reps.

    Bulgarian split squats: 6/6/6 @ 35/45/45

    10 min AMRAP of: 200m run/15 box jump (24″)/15 WB

    got 2 rounds + 15 + 10, but I swear wall balls are getting easier.

  4. tinad
    tinad says:

    So, I was inspired by Tammy’s DU Tabata- so I worked extra hard and came out big! 285 PR (that’s like 20 something more than my highest # for a tabata- I went UB every round).

    Felt really good today and was kinda surprised cause last night was tough

    2 snatch pull+snatch- 105# (with the help of my fellow CFers)

    Squat 3/3/3- 175/185/175

    Jumping Squats- 30 (95#) 38 (65#) painful!

    I just want to say Yes, Tammy I may need some confidence but my dear friend…so do you! You are a great Crossfitter/weightlifter and yes you can do WOD’s Rx and I’m sick of you saying otherwise- so when you tell me I need to get more confidence I will simply say…Isn’t that the pot calling the kettle black? hmmm

    • Tamy
      Tamy says:

      I love you Tina!! Thanks for the support and love.

      You and Dariel have been giving me a lot of feedback lately and I appreciate you two. I have a lo of work to do in order to get better. But I feel determined.

      I love working in classes, keeps me honest.

  5. Tamy
    Tamy says:

    BTW having so much fun watching the games tonight.

    Still at the box – thanks for coming out everyone.


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