Free Class 9/3/11 – 11:30am

Bring a Friend Day is September 3rd @ 11:30am ONLY!  If you know someone interested in CrossFit, have them join you for a Free Killer WOD!!..  Our program delivers a fitness that is, by design, broad, general, and inclusive. Let’s show ’em what we are all about.


WOD 8/18/11

Warm Up – Coaches Choice

6 RFT of Max Rep Weighted Pull Ups (50/25)/ Run to the Corner (aproximately 100M)

1 Power Clean every 30 Seconds for 12 Minutes (heavy as possible {HAP})

4 Rounds of: Row 4 Minutes; 90 Sec Rest ( Try to achieve same Distance every time)

Come in and meet Murph, our New gym Cat… Iz and I rescued him last night, he must be like 2 weeks old.

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  1. Cory
    Cory says:

    Max Effort Pull Ups w/ 16kg – 5 / 5 / 4 / 4 / 4 / 4

    Power Cleans at 145 lbs – 0-7min (15 reps)
    Power Cleans at 165 lbs – 7:30-14min (14 reps)

    4RFT (T=4:00min) with 90sec rest –
    Total: 3,990

  2. rosie
    rosie says:

    Felt awesome to be back in the gym!

    Made 18 total reps on the pullups in warmup, first 2 were strict, last 16 with red band.

    Power Cleans, worked on form with 95 pounds.

    Then rows. Once again with the form!
    Then I trailed down into the 900s for the final rounds, with Jacinto patiently explaining to me how my form was holding me back.

    I’ll add rowing to the list of things to conquer. That list is getting long!


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