8 Minutes of Shoulder/Back/Hip/Ankle/Wrist Mobility

A- WU- For Time: 400M Run  – 3 Minute Cap + 3 Minute AMRAP: 15 USSR K.B. Swing (HBD)/5 HSPU or 400M Run + 3 Minute AMRAP: 15 USSR K.B. Swing (HBD)/5 HRPU

B- 8 Minutes To WU Clean to 165/110 + 5 Minute AMRAP of: Clean (Full Squat/165/110) or 5 Minute AMRAP of: Clean (scale to challenging but manageable weight/roughly 65-80% of 1rm)

C- 5 Rounds of: 45 Double Unders/ 15 Calorie Row/ 9 Ring Dip; 60 Seconds Rest Between Rounds or 5 Rounds of: 100 Single Unders/ 15 Calorie Row/ 9 Box Dip; 60 Seconds Rest Between Rounds

Post your scores to the Whiteboard.

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  1. Ernie
    Ernie says:

    Dropped in to Lancaster PA Crossfit:
    1RM Barbell Complex
    Power Clean/Squat Clean/Split Jerk

    1 Mile Run 8:02

  2. Jack
    Jack says:

    Damn, he was my coach there, I knew I recognized him from somewhere, I could not figure out from where. Maybe I will go back tomorrow if I have time, and get you something from him…

  3. Smanik
    Smanik says:

    A) 5×400 M Repeat Run – 1:23ish across
    B) Clean 2rep – 95kg touch & go
    C) 5min AMRAP Clean @ 165 – 18
    D) 10min EMOM Muscle Up x2 – strict for 5 rds, kipping for the rest
    E) 10×15 cal Row (0:45 rest) – 0:35 fastest, all under 0:45

    Birthday Special : 31 Burpees UB


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