8 Minutes of Hip/Back/Shoulder Mobility

A- WU- 200M Farmers Walk (HBD) + 3 Minutes AMRAP @70% RPE of: 3 BroadJump (Max Distance)/3 Pistol Each Alternating(Modify with a band)/9 Goblet Squat (HBD) + 2 Minutes Max Reps Banded Good Morning

B- Squat- 8 Minutes To WU 87% + 4/4/4/4@87% (Tempo: 2/0/X/1); 2 Minutes Rest Between Sets

C- 5-8 Minutes To WU PC/FS/PJ + 10/8/6 RFT of: Power Clean (135/95 or 95/65)/Front Squat/Power Jerk

Post your scores to the Whiteboard.

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  1. Jack
    Jack says:

    Dropped in to CrossFit Jardins

    A) Shoulder mobility
    B) Descending ladder 15 to 10 reps, of burpees and Russian KB swings 15KG
    C) 5RFT of 5 PUs, 16 lunges ( substituted the prescribed deadlifts for lunges, so you guys shouldn’t have issues) and 400M run = 11:58

  2. Smanik
    Smanik says:

    A) 2 Minutes Max Reps Banded Good Morning + 4 Rounds of: 100M Farmers Walk (2 PoodX2) + 3 Minutes AMRAP of: 3 Burpee Broad Jump/3 Rolling Pistol Each/9 Goblet Squat (2Pood) – 2rds
    B) Squat 4×4@260 (Tempo: 2/0/X/1)
    C) Power Clean + Front Squat + Power Jerk 1rep – 185, stopped for back tightness
    D) 10/8/6 RFT of: Power Clean (135)/Front Squat/Power Jerk – 6:26
    E) Weighted K2E – 60 RNFT (20# Slam Ball) – Complete, not fun

    • Smanik
      Smanik says:

      E) I did Weighted T2B because I can’t read, apparently. And even WORSE, I convinced Chris to do these with me… sorry Chris!


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