Kurt's DeadLift

Death By- Push Up

AMRAP in 10 minutes of- Dead Lift 225lbs

3 min AMRAP of- Double Unders + 1 min AMRAP of- Sit Ups + 2 min AMRAP of-Double Unders + 1 min AMRAP  of- Sit Ups + 1 min AMRAP Double Unders + 1 min AMRAP Sit Ups

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  1. Tammyli
    Tammyli says:

    Death By Push Up: Quit on Round 17 = 153 Modified Push Ups
    AMRAP in 10 Min Dead Lift Rx/ 135lbs = 33
    DU = 59 Sit Ups = 39
    Over and Out – BabyBell

  2. coachcanadan
    coachcanadan says:

    Aweosme WOD today.

    Death by Pushup: Total of 22 rounds completed.

    10 min AMRAP deadlift @ 225#: 70 reps total. Brutal!

    3 min DU, 1 min abmat, 2 min DU 1 min abmat 1 min DU, 1 min abmat
    160 DU – 35 abmat – 90 DU – 30 abmat – 25 DU – 30 abmat
    My rope got a knot in it as I started the last round, so that killed more than half my time trying to get it out. Still, very happy with the wod. Did the first 50 DU unbroken in the first set, and the first 40 in the second set.

    SORE tomorrow!

    Coach Dan

  3. Head Coach
    Head Coach says:

    Death by Pushup: 21 Completed rounds + 20 reps=251 Pushups
    10 min AMRAP DeadLift @ 225lbs=77 reps or (19,250lbs moved in 10min)
    3 min Double Unders-112/1 min Sit Up-40, 2 min Double Unders- 64/1 min Sit Up-34, 1 min Double Unders- 40/ 1 min Sit Up- 30= 216DU/104SU

  4. Cory OBrien
    Cory OBrien says:

    This was one hard mutha of a workout.

    DBPU – 15 rds + 14 = 134

    10min AMRAP deadlift @ 225 # – 68 reps

    3min Double Unders – 140
    1min sit up – 39
    2min Double Unders – 70
    1min sit up – 31
    1min Double Unders – 40
    1min sit up – 27
    DU Total = 250
    SU Total = 97

  5. Marina
    Marina says:

    I liked this WOD… wow Tammy I didn’t realize you went RX you go girl! Amazing job!

    Death by pushups: 17 rounds completed (at round 13 switched to knees)

    10 min amrap – 120# – 37 reps

    Don’t have my book in front of me to remember the DU/SIT UP ladder… 🙁 but Iknow I am starting to get better at my DU’s all that practice is great!

    First day of paleo done… so far so good… hated the black coffee with no splenda! yuck… I’m at 10points for food + xfit = 11 for the day, are we suposed to post the points?

    • Cory OBrien
      Cory OBrien says:

      Try agave nectar – that is what Chrystie uses for a 100% natural sweetener. Or honey. A little almond or coconut milk helps lighten it a bit. You will get used to it quick.

      • coachcanadan
        coachcanadan says:

        Sorry guys, but honey AND agave nectar are both on the no-no list… Sorry to break the bad news! On the flip side, black coffee takes a little time to adjust to, but honestly, I can’t go back to milk or sweetener anymore, I can’t stand the taste! Black all the way!

        I’m at 11 points for the day, i lost a point because the turkey jerkey I THOUGHT was paleo actually had a little soy in it. Crap. Other than that, I was at the box today (although I guess I really shouldn’t get point for that!), and I PR’d Death By Pushups today. I’ll modify my score to 10, I won’t take points for WODing.

        One day down, 27 to go! Congrats, everyone!

        Coach Dan

  6. cahill
    cahill says:

    WOD was a good one.
    DBPU- 15 rounds modified last 3 rounds- 85 push ups 25 modified
    AMRAP dead lift I went a little lighter than RXed but it was heavy enough. 185lbs./72 reps
    AMRAP double UNDERs and sit ups 3min/1min/2min/1 min/1/min /1 min total of 70 double unders and 60 sit ups.


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