8 Minutes of Hip/Ankle/Back/Shoulder/Wrist Mobility

A- WU- NFT- 20 Each Row Calories/PVC OHS/BTN Sots Press/USSR K.B. Swing (2/1.5 Pood) or NFT- 20 Each Row Calories/PVC OHS/BTN Sots Press/USSR K.B. Swing (20/12Kg)   – 5 Minute Cap

B- 1 Snatch Pull + 1 Snatch + 1 Pause OHS (Tempo: 2/3/X/1)- Build To A Max For The Complex + 1@ 90% – 18 Minute Cap

C- 3 RFT of: 15 Each Leg D.B. Box Step Up (20/18″@45/25#x2)/ 30 USA K.B. Swing (24/16Kg)/ 15 D.B. Front Squat (45/25#x2) or 3 RFT of: 15 Each Leg K.B. Box Step Up (18/12″@12/8Kgx2)/ 30 USSR K.B. Swing (24/16Kg)/ 15 K.B.Front Squat (12/8Kgx2) 

Post your scores to the Whiteboard.

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  1. Tammyli
    Tammyli says:

    Hello Monday,

    It was a great start to the week. The box is all clean, no more mess in the corner, no more ply wood everywhere, and the platforms are 90% completed.
    And that Dang giant heater that never worked is gone!! Yippee 🙂

    The Oly program started tonight, that means we all have 12 weeks to get ready for the Meet. I will be there for sure.

    Also, Marisa ordered shirts… So if you want one they will be in a few days…

    I had a solo wod today, it was pretty cool….

  2. Smanik
    Smanik says:

    A) 400m Run + 20 ea OHS/Sots Press (PVC) + US KBS (2pood)
    B) Snatch + OHS (3sec pause) 1rep @ 65kg + 1ea @ 62kg/60kg
    C) Snatch DL (fast up, 3 sec down) 5×3 @ 70kg
    D) Sled Push – 40m : 3@197lbs + 5@167lbs
    – 13.5ish @ 197 was best (and first)… these got very difficult very quickly
    E) 60 Banded Good Mornings HBD


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