Tabata- Double Unders

Karen= For Time: 150 Wall Ball Shots (20lb-10’/14lb-9′)

3 Rounds of: 1 min Max Reps of DeadLift @ 50% of 1RM/5 each TGU (HAP);90 seconds rest between efforts

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  1. Coach K-Rod
    Coach K-Rod says:

    Snatch: 1 reps x 5 sets @ 150# (Nice to do sets across at 150. Tried to do 8 sets, but failed my last 3.)

    Tried for a PR on my Clean and Jerk, but couldn’t get 205# up.


    Deadlift @225#

    Slower than my best, but not too bad.

  2. william neco
    william neco says:

    The coaches and trainees perform incredible workouts. I love the wall ball pullup, pushup to jerk press circuit. All the exercises there are fascinating to watch and educatiuonal to watch


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