8 Minutes of Shoulder/Ankle/Hip/Back Mobility

A- WU- 15 Each NFT- WallFacing Prisoner Squats/WallFacing Shoulder Taps/Tuck Up/Superman/Calorie Row or 15 Each NFT- Calorie Row/WallFacing Prisoner Squats/Plank Shoulder Taps/Modified Tuck Up/Superman – 6 Minute Cap

B- Back Squat- 15 Minutes To A Challenging Set of 10 Reps

C- 5 Minutes To WU- Ring Dip/Air Squat + 2 RFT of: 800M Run/25 Ring Dip/75 Air Squat or 5 Minutes To WU- Box Dip/Air Squat + 2 RFT of: 800M Run/25 Box Dip/75 Air Squat

Post your scores to the Whiteboard.

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  1. Chris k
    Chris k says:

    15 each NFT: Wall Facing Prisoner Squats/Wall Facing Shoulder Taps/Tuck Up/bent over rows/pillow bitting/ buddy clean & jerks

    Ayyo k I’ll stop


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