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For Time: 2K Row/100 GHD Sit UP/100 GHD Back Extension/2K Row

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nfF1du_ftCc?rel=0&w=440&h=280]


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  1. rosie
    rosie says:

    Double Unders…I think I’m actually regressing.

    Row 2km/100 GHD Situps/100 GHD Back Extensions/Row 2km.
    First row was 8:13:9, final was 8:48:8. I partitioned the GHDs, though my posterior chain is now scorched.

    20min AMRAP: 5 Ring Dips (w/blue band)/10 knees to elbows/15 Modified Ring Rows/ 20 Kettle Bell swings (x16kg).
    6 Rounds + 5 Ring Dips and 10 knees to elbows.

  2. Bryan Barletta
    Bryan Barletta says:

    I really need to buy a jump rope today and practice double unders, I’m awful at them so far, but I’m sure practice will make all the difference.

    Anyone have suggestions on how to get more comfortable with GHD situps? I just can’t convince myself to extend all the way back.

    • rosie
      rosie says:

      I hear you with the double unders. I think I had more speed rope-inflicted welts than successful repetitions today.

      Hmm, for GHDs maybe concentrate on locking your ankles at 90 degrees for a few practice touches/put a mat down underneath where you’d normally touch down if you’re concerned about your dome.

      Or we can do some trust falls before class.
      No, really.

  3. Charles George
    Charles George says:

    total time was 40:40 or so, and I had to give up on the GHD’s about halfway through. I need to do some serious form work there.

    First row at 7:44 though, that was pretty solid, I need to work on my endurance though, as my final row clocked in at 9:58.

    Between yesterday and today my legs and glutes are totally fried.

  4. coachcanadan
    coachcanadan says:

    What a freaking wod.
    Total time is unknown, probably between 30-35 minutes. I had to stop before the last row and talk to a walk-in, which lasted 5-10 minutes.
    1st row was 7:29. I went full range of motion on everything, and man am I sore for it now! Rest day tomorrow = AWESOME.

    Also, I did the 1 min double-unders 1 min rest x 3 for the WU.
    84-86-78. Not too happy with that, but whatevs. Loved today! 🙂

  5. Cory
    Cory says:

    So this was an ass kicking, humbling work out for me tonight. I haven’t come this close to quitting a WOD probably ever.

    Tried out the GHD sit ups but just wasn’t happening after about 20. From there out I did regular ab mat sit ups – 2 for 1. Then the back extensions killed me and had my back in spasm. On the last 2k row I had to keep stopping to stretch out the spasm and it took me forever to finish. I believe my time ended up about 39:30. Glad this is over.

    • Cory
      Cory says:

      And by the way….. a great job to Jose for pushing through the pain and finishing this tough WOD. And to Steve as well – you did a great job although you took a little too much pleasure in beating me!! But I guess if I came in once a week I would be fresher too 😉 HAHA. Good work buddy.

      • Jose
        Jose says:

        Thanks Cory…. Lord Knows that if it wasn’t for you guys rooting me on I probably would have not finished the WOD….. P.S. thanks for the tickets…

  6. Jose
    Jose says:

    So I know that I am a day late, but I just regained all normal body functions back. Yesterday’s WOD was a killer!!!! Finished time was not what I would have liked (46:10). However was glad that I made it til the end!!!

    Also wanna thank Coach Iz for that extra run after class…. Never sprinted out the box that fast! LOL thanks..

  7. Rory M
    Rory M says:

    WOD = 40:53
    Not sore at all for some reason. So Im wondering if I did something wrong or half assed er somthin.
    Or maybe its because I havent slept in 30 hours and my soreness is lying in ambush…I will try to blog the details of a Crossfit Madrid WOD. Really wishing my spanish was better right now…
    See you all in a month!


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