Tabata This – Pull UpsPush UpsSit Ups/ Air Squats/ Row

Today is CrossFit 718 1 Year Anniversary!! 

When we opened Bk Fit Factory last July, Iz and I took a big leap.  We were constantly being encourage to move forward by our friends.  I will say that the few who have been around from the begining have been very consistant, you are the only reason we are here today.   Thank you for sticking with us all this time!! We love our extended family.

Special Shout out to.. Susanna/ Bob / Cory/ Chrystie /Rebecca / L-Train/ Jason /Jon/ Julie !!!

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  1. Head Coach
    Head Coach says:

    Warm Up- 3 min Double Unders=150
    Pull Up- 63
    Push Up- 99
    Sit Up- 116
    Squat- 158
    Row- 49 Calorie
    Felt Tired Today could have gone much harder:(

  2. coachcanadan
    coachcanadan says:

    Alright. What a day. Did some intense celebrating last night for Canada Day, so I was up pretty late, but I still made it to the box to WOD, and had a great time doing it! My numbers weren’t great, perse, but I’m still sore from Tuesday AND Wednesday!

    Didn’t do the pushups because of my shoulder, and didn’t do the row because I ran out of time before class.

    Pull-ups = 60
    Situps = 110
    Squats = 120

    Total for the three = 290

    My PR for air squat tabatas is 162, so to hit 120 is almost embarrassing. My legs just couldn’t do it anymore! Ah well. There’s always tomorrow!

  3. Aaron
    Aaron says:

    I don’t have my breakdown with me but my total was 318. Just for fun I did this WOD
    with the weighted vest it probably wasn’t very smart but it sure was fun.

  4. Khari
    Khari says:

    Today with coach Iz I PR on my deadlift 370. On strict PR 145, back squat wasn’t PR but I squatted 205.

  5. Marina
    Marina says:

    I <3 BBQ Fridays!!! You guys rock…

    3 min DU – 89

    Tabata This – 389 don't remember the breakdown

    Cashout: Tabata KB swings @16kg = 82

  6. jes king
    jes king says:

    Glad to finally be back! Didn’t bring the breakdown numbers home but my final was 404. Hate I missed the bbq, I have some friends in town from out of the country and I couldn’t get away. Next week!

  7. gilliebean
    gilliebean says:

    3 minutes DU – I got 51. And I got 4 DU UNBROKEN!! YAY! PROGRESS!!

    (Jumping) Pull ups – 75
    Push ups – 82
    Sit ups – 103
    Air Squats – 102
    Row – 30
    TOTAL – 392

    KB Tabata – 26# – 98


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