8 Minutes of Shoulder/Hip/Back Mobility

A- WU- 20 Each NFT- K.B. DeadLift (HBD)/BTN K.B. Good Morning/Front Squat (10 each Left racked/right racked)/USA K.B. Swing/1 Arm Thruster (10 each side)/Calorie Row

B- Hang Power Clean- 12-15 Minutes To A Heavy Triple + 3 @ 80% of above EMOM for 3 Minutes

C- 8 Minutes WU- DeadLift (225/135)/Burpee + 3 RFT of: 18 DeadLift (225/135)/21 Bar Facing Burpee or 3 RFT of: 18 DeadLift (225/135)/21 Burpee

Post your scores to the Whiteboard.

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  1. Smanik
    Smanik says:

    Question for the room, building off this edition of the (very nice) newsletter…

    Creatine – yes or no?

    There was a time back in my globo-gym-rat days that I tried the stuff. I honestly can’t remember whether or not it posed any benefits, I was too focused on my back/bi isometrics and leg extensions to pay attention to it.

    Not trying to spark a debate or anything, just looking for insights & thoughts on the subject.

    • Dariel31
      Dariel31 says:

      I feel creatine works well to improve strength. I’ve used sfh recovery which has creatine and I also purchased creatine from atlargenutrition.com. Currently I use the atlargenutrition creatine. With these things it always good to give it about 6 weeks to see if you get results. Then back off and see how much of a difference it really is.

  2. Tambot
    Tambot says:

    Good question Dave, I cannot provide any insight… but looking forward to reading everyone elses.

    IM AM Calling for voulenteers, We desprately need some help at our block party event
    I only have 3 people currently availible to help out.

    email me if you can help or declare it for the world to see. 🙂

  3. Jack
    Jack says:

    I started using a pre workout powder that is called CGT max from Nutrabio, which is mostly creatine, some glutamine and some taurine. My wife claims its all in my head, but I have had more PRs ( pretty big ones) in the past few weeks since I started taking it then I have had for months… I think it wakes me up and gives me a pump before the workout.

    Regarding the bloating and the water filled muscles and all that, I have gained about 3-4 pounds but nothing significant or noticeable, I was scared I would get all bulky but nothing like that.

    Only downside was that I some digestion issues right after I started taking it, but it went away after 3-4 days.

    Hope this helps

  4. Smanik
    Smanik says:

    Thanks to everyone who gave input so far! I got some insights in person tonight as well, which I appreciate.

    For what it’s worth I think will likely give it a try, but I’m still interested to hear any opinions.

    • Keith
      Keith says:

      Tell me how it works out for you….I have been debating the same. Whether I should take it. I took creatine about 10 years ago when I also was going to globo gyms. It did help me put on some size…but definitely gave me digestion issues. Hoping the quality and choices of creatine has increased since then. Also, I saw good gains but after i cycled off i lost about 50% of those gains….i chalk it up to water retention on creatine.

  5. Smanik
    Smanik says:

    A) 20 Each – Calorie Row/Double K.B. Thruster/Double K.B. HPC/USSR Double K.B. Swing (20kgx2) + 60 DU
    B) Hang Power Clean 3rep – 90kg + 7min EMOM x3 @ 73kg
    C) Clean DeadLift 3rep – 305
    D) 3 RFT of: 18 DeadLift (225)/21 Bar Facing Burpee – 8:52
    E) Tuck Up 5×10 + GHD Hip and Back Extension 4×8
    F) 1 Arm Bench Press 4×12 Each + Renegade Row 4×12 Each (45×2)


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