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5 min Super Plank (walk out)

3 rounds of: 1 min max effort- Thruster (95/65lbs); 60 second rest

4 RFT of: 10 each- Wall Ball (20/12lbs)/Ring Push Up/Supinated Hip Rotations

10 min Row @ 75% effort

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  1. Marina
    Marina says:

    Warmup: 3 min DU – 65

    5 min Super Planks – 27 (super easy at first, wow my core is on fire)

    3 Rounds Thruster @65lbs – 11, 11, 12

    4 RFT – 6:12

    10 min row @75% – 599 calories

  2. cahill
    cahill says:

    5 min Super Plank (walk out) I got 35 in and i liked this excercise except my elbow is killing me after a hockey accident on monday.
    3 rounds of: 1 min max effort- Thruster (95/65lbs); 60 second rest- I got 15-13-13= 41
    4 RFT of: 10 each- Wall Ball (20/12lbs)/Ring Push Up/Supinated Hip Rotations- i did this in 14 minutes and was scratching my head. I was getting lapped by the entire class. After demanding a recount I realized I was doing 20 reps per excercise. I never really did pay attention in class. – good work AM

  3. Bryan Barletta
    Bryan Barletta says:

    5 min Super Plank – 39. Wish I pushed myself a little harder and at least hit 40. I think I need to be facing the clock, it’s inspiration.

    Thrusters @ 95lbs – 6 completes + 2 fails/ 5 completes / 5 completes + 1 fail. Glad I pushed myself to do the 95lbs.

    4 RFT of: 10 each- Wall Ball (20/12lbs)/Ring Push Up/Supinated Hip Rotations – 8:47. I got in a rhythm and blew through this. I can probably work on deeper extensions on the Supinated Hip Rotations and Ring Push Ups.

    Also Cahill totally humbled me with his time for DOUBLE the reps x.x

    • cahill
      cahill says:

      No humble pie there that was my own idiocy. it was hard enough as RXed I need to learn to follow instructions. Good work on the thrusters and doing the rxed weight. build up to it and get the technique down pat. Fun times in the early class

  4. jes king
    jes king says:

    Man, crazy week. Finally made it in and worked out with the 8 o’clock crew. So great to see you Marina, Ryan, G, and Aaron!
    Super plank: not too bad, didn’t count but felt good
    Thrusters @65: 15/14/13
    4rft: 6:20
    and finished with the ten min row. great day, my shoulders are shot

  5. Tammyli
    Tammyli says:

    Warm Up – Rope Undulation TABATA (half assed)

    Snatch – 2/2/2/2/2 – 45/50/55/60/65

    3 RFT of 5 65lb Thrusters/ 5 Pull Ups – 3:43

    400m Sled drag w/75lbs – 6:21

    3 – 1 Min rounds of 65lb Thrusters max effort – 21 total.

    Looking forward to a rest day 🙂

  6. Head Coach
    Head Coach says:

    12 round Tabata of: Rope Undulation
    Snatch- 5@45-1@95/115/135F/125/130/135Fx2
    Snatch Balance-Over Head Squat- 1@135/145/155/165/175F
    400M Sled Tow @ 120lbs+17lbs sled= 4:43
    400M Sled Tow @ 95lbs= 3:49
    400M Sled Tow @ 45lbs= 2:47

  7. tomtanzosh
    tomtanzosh says:

    Question :
    What happens when you show up at the gym to wod with Iz at three and then your four o’clock client is a no call no show…

    Answer :
    You wod from 3-6 of course

    I won’t bore you guys with what I did today so lets stick to the 5:00 class:

    Super Plank – no idea how many I just kept moving.

    Thrusters @ 95 – 24 – 15 – 14 = 53
    I feel like this is good Fran practice. If you want to get into the 3 minute range try and hit 21 – 15 – 9 (or more) for all of the rounds and hopefully your pullups are a strength.

    4 rounds for time = 5:30
    Great job Cory you got me tonight my friend.

    The 7:00 Strength Class was fun to teach, tonight we worked on our squat series, then had some extra time so we did a little bit of tire flipping. Good work Martin and Lillian !

    See you all tomorrow

    PS… I feel like the Versa Climber is so much easier when that Country beat starts kicking in don’t you agree Jose?


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