8 Minutes of Hip/Back/Ankle/Wrist/Shoulder Mobility

A- Tabata- M.B. Clean (20/14) + 400M M.B. Run

B- 10 Minutes To WU HPC/Push Press/Lunge Left/Right/Rope Climb + 4 RFT of: 8 Push press (115/75 or 85/55)/8 HPC/8 Each Front Racked Lunges (alternating)/1 Rope Climb/400M Run

C- 3 Rounds of: 45 Seconds Max Reps K2E; 1 Minute Rest Between Rounds

A- WU- 500M Row @ 50-75% RPE + 1 Minute Paddle @ 20-30% RPE + 500M Row @ 90-100% RPE; 90 Seconds Rest

B- 30 Minute AMRAP of: 400M Run/500M Row/100 Double Unders

C- Alternating Double Tabata of: Ab Mat Sit Ups/Hand Stand Hold (nose and toes)

Post your scores to the Whiteboard.


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