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CrossFit 718

CrossFit 718 is Here !! Come on down and meet our Coaches!!

LOE 10/21/10

Warm UP- Dynamic and Static Flexibility 3 rounds of 50 each- Jump Lunges/Mt. Climbers/Jack Knifes 3 minutes rest 100 BarBell Thrusters for time 3 minutes rest 1 mile Sand Bag Run 3 minutes rest Plank Tabata Cool Down- Static and…

Fit Factory "Fun"ctional Training Applied

BFF'ers Chrystie and Cory dive off of the coast of the Grand Cayman Islands. This photo is the perfect example of the "carryover" from our method of training (coupled with years of dive training and experience). LOL Great stuff guys see you…

LOE 10/19/10

Warm Up - 1 Rounds x 2 Minutes each Row Erg/ Versa Climber/ Jump Rope/Undulating Rope Patterns Max Effort- Front Squat  5x3/3x3/1x3 AMRAP - 5 Minutes 20 Gorilla Cleans/ 30 Flutter Kicks/ 10 Push Press

LOE 10/14/10

Warm UP- Dynamic and Static Flexibility Jump Rope backwards 3 minutes AMRAP in 12 minutes of: 8 S.D.H.P/6 Power Clean/4 Push Press AMRAP in 6 minutes of: 6 Broad Jumps(max distance)/ 9 Ball Slams 25 reps each of: Lateral Box Jumps(max…

10/8/10 Stats

Congratulations on your NEW Personal Records!! Your records will be recorded in this order: SB Run/Dead Lift Max Effort/Met Con total rounds/SB Run Carrie;   3:24/ 95lbs / 6 / 3:32 Meredith; 3:24 / 95lbs / 6 / 3:36 Cory;  2:54 / 265lbs…

LOE 10/7/10 & 10/8/10

Warm UP- Dynamic and Static Flexibility Sand Bag Run- 680m Max Effort Dead Lift- 15min For TIme 100 each Burpees/Ab Mat Sit UPs Tabata- Double Unders AMRAP in 6 minutes: 10 each Press/20 each Air Squat Cool Down Static and Dynamic F…

NEW Early Bird Camp !!

We are excited to announce the launch of our NEW Cross Training Camp.  Our early birds have spoken!! See you Wednesday's  @ 6:30 am. Sign up today 🙂  

LOE 10/03/10

Warm UP- Static and Dynamic Flexebility M.B. Run around the block-M.B. Wall Ball Tabata 7 Rounds of- 7 Power Clean/20 Double Unders 7 Rounds of- 7 each OHS/Sit UPs AMRAP in 9 minutes Walking Lunges/Super Man's 20 each Cool Down Static…

LOE 10/01/10

Warm UP- Dynamic and Static Flexibility 30 seconds each: Jogging in place/Sprint in place/Jacks/Jump Squat/Jump Lunge/Mountain Climbers/Bear Crawl/Lateral Bear Crawl 1 x each/Crab Walk Partner Challenge:  6 minutes of :45 on :15 off with…

Observations 9/30

Great Team Work!! I love the enthusiasm ladies !!

LOE 9/30/10

Warm UP- Dynamic and Static Flexibility Laps around the studio = 3 minutes AMRAP in 12 minutes of 6 HPC/12 weighted Tuck Jumps/20 Standing Lateral Chops 20/15/10 reps of- K.B. Snatch/Bent Rows Alternating Ladder of- 10-1 Walk Out Push…

Announcing our NEW Cross Training Camp

Hey everyone, your requests have been answered!! We have added a NEW Class to the schedule Tuesday nights at 7pm!!! Click Here To sign up