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#WPZ Week 3 @ 718

CrossFit 718 is finished with the Wodapalooza’s online competition.  This challenge tested strength & conditioning over the course of 3 weeks.  Here are the overall standings.  Big Congratulations to our homie Tina, who crushed…

#WPZ Week 2 @ 718

CrossFit 718 is closing out week 2 of Wodapalooza's online competition.  This week was all about mental toughness, the movements themselves were easy, but when combined with a never ending chipper, it was a whole new game. WOD#3:  7min…

#WPZ Week 1 @ 718

Here we are folks closing out week one of WODapalooza over here at CrossFit 718.  We have 13 participants total 7 men and 6 women.. It's gonna be a tough competition.     WOD 1 - The 3 Postiton Snatch + OHS On the women's side of the leader…